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11 May 2016

[GALLERY] Sarah Wright Olsen & Teresa Palmer photo shoot for YourZenMama

Check out these gorgeous shots by Tyler William Parker of Sarah and Teresa for their new upcoming (June) blog YourZenMama.

15 Apr 2016

[UPDATE] Sarah Wright Olsen at the SOCAL Wellness Expo 10th April


Check out the Gallery for photos Gallery

allery > Events > 2016 > SOCALMOMS Wellness Event

30 Mar 2016

[NEWS] Eric Christian Olsen and Sarah Wright Olsen to attend Celebrities For Change Gala

EDTx has partnered with the LA-based Environmental Media Association (EMA) to launch a brand new fundraising gala and film series at Earth Day Texas 2016.

Rightly called “Celebrities for Change Gala,” it’s described as “a star-studded evening with environmental heroes” like Environmental Media Association President Eric Christian Olsen and Sarah Wright Olsen.

Taking place at Fair Park on Friday, April 22, (aka Earth Day), the gala will be part of the three-day (Friday, April 22 thru Sunday, April 24 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) program providing speakers like Philippe Cousteau Jr., think tanks, exhibitions and the EDTx Film Series about the environmental issues facing the world and posing solutions.

Source: EMA


03 Mar 2016

[NEWS] Eric Christian Olsen talking about Omega

Eric Christian Olsen — who stars on the long-running CBS procedural NCIS: Los Angeles as Detective Marty Deeks, who wears an Omega Seamaster 300 — wore his own personal Omega to the event, a titanium and rose gold chronograph. He echoed Redmayne’s thoughts on Omega’s lasting legacy.

Olsen, who bought the watch 18 years ago as a gift to himself, is still attached to the timepiece: “I did my very first movie, I was 20 years old and living in Malibu and a mentor of mine — who was a successful businessman as well as a renaissance man told me, ‘You can wear whatever you want, but you have to have a great timepiece.’ We went watch shopping and I fell in love with the watch I’m wearing tonight. After 25 movies and hundreds of episodes of television, it’s still my favorite watch because it carries those memories of that time in my life.”


Check out the gallery for photos of Sarah and Eric from OMEGA Celebrates the Launch of the Globemaster – The World’s First Master Chronometer 01/03/2016

23 Nov 2015

[Update] New Release Dates for Mena

it’s comig out in 2017 on
5th in Germany
6th January in the USA, Sweden, Norway
20th in the UK
26th in Netherlands.

27 Jul 2015

How to send a fanmail?

The last few weeks I saw a lot of you asking about fanmails/autographs, so i thought i am gonna post a little help with that.

So here is what you need to do:

A) If you live in USA: send a properly stamped envelope  (minimum size 8.5″ x 4″) with your request letter, a photo you want signed and a self addressed envelope with the proper stamps.

B) If you live outside of USA: same as the previous but add 2 or 3 International Reply Coupons instead of the stamps. The International Reply Coupons (IRC) will be used by the receiver to purchase American stamps. You can only get them at your post office. Place the IRCs into the envelope, not on it.

Good tips:

  • make sure you say why you are writing and politely request an autograph from them
  • handwritten is best
  • your letter should be no more than a page long
  • keep it semi professional
  • sign the letter with your name (nickname if you want them to use that)
  • you can include a piece of cardboard to keep the photo from bending in shipping
  • also add “Do Not Bend” on the envelopes

Send your letter and wait. On average, there is going to be a 3+ month wait for a response.

PS: You can also find the adresses on the sidebar  ut here you are:

For Eric:

Eric Christian Olsen
“NCIS: Los Angeles”
Paramount Studios
5555 Melrose Avenue
Building 213, Suite 220
Los Angeles, CA 90038

For Sarah:

Sarah Wright Olsen
Ellen Meyer Management
8899 Beverly Blvd.
Suite 612
West Hollywood, CA 90048

04 Jun 2015

[NEWS] Site by Sarah Wright Olsen & Tez Palmer

Exciting news!

Sarah Wright Olsen and Teresa Palmer is about to start a site.

Official description: A community for Mamas, Papas and Caregivers to feel empowered, inspired, accepted and supported. The blog will be up at yourzenmama.com soon.

You can already follow the site’s Twitter & Instagram.


03 Jun 2015

[PROJECT] Anniversary project for Sarah Wright Olsen & Eric Christian Olsen

We just hit June so the special day for Eric and Sarah (June 23rd) when they got married in 2012  is getting closer and closer. I am making a fanvideo for the special occasion and i am calling all the Wright&Olsen fans to be part of this project.

Here’s what you need to do: Tell us in a few words why you love Eric & Sarah, why do you feel connected to them, why are they your idols, how did they changed your life… etc. Or just simply wish them a happy anniversary.

You can do this in 3 ways:

  • Videos:

> Record a video (up to 15 seconds max)
Make sure you include the phrase, “Happy 3rd Anniversary Sarah & Eric

  • Selfies:

> Take a selfie with you holding a paper or something (be creative)
> Make sure you include the phrase, “Happy 3rd Anniversary Sarah & Eric

  • Edits:

> Show your creative side and make an edit for the project
> Make sure you include the phrase, “Happy 3rd Anniversary Sarah & Eric

If you have any questions >> Tumblr, Twitter or Facebook.

Email your submission to eco.sarahwolsen.fans@gmail.com including your country/city & Twitter (if you have)

Deadline for submissions is June 21th, 2015.

PS: Please Do NOT tag/mention Sarah and Eric on twitter or instagram when sharing this post, let’s keep this a surprise 🙂

And please help spread the world. xo


29 May 2015

HQ Gallery Update for Mena

Uploaded a bunch of HQ photos of Sarah Wright Olsen from the set of Mena, click for the pics to see more









22 May 2015

[Video] Sarah Wright Olsen on the set of Mena 20/May


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