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16 May 2014

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 5 DVD Release Date

According to dvdsreleasedates.com the NCIS: Los Angeles season 5 DVD will be released on 19 August 2014.

You can already pre-order it on


16 May 2014

CBS Upfront – New York 14 May 2014


Gallery > Events/Appearances > 2014 > CBS Upfront 2014

Keep coming back for more photos from the event, I will be adding many more over the weekend 😉

12 May 2014

Daniela Ruah & Eric Christian Olsen on The Queen Latifah Show 14/May

BnEztTxCQAAQbt9.jpg large

You can watch the preview here: http://queenlatifah.com/videos?bctid=3559758106001

28 Apr 2014

#NCISLAShowNShare week is here!


Will update the Gallery when they share any new photo

Gallery  > NCIS: Los Angeles > Special Events > NCISLAshowNShare week (Paril 28 – 2 May 2014)

26 Apr 2014

CBS Ultimate Look Back – NCIS: Los Angeles

21 Apr 2014

#NCISLAShowNShare Week April 28th – May 2

Get ready for #NCISLAShowNShare Week, where in a five day span fans will receive over 50 behind-the-scenes photos, videos and posts from @NCISLA_CBS, @chrisodonnell, @llcoolj, @danielaruah, @ericcolsen, @barrettfoa, @reneefsmith, and @miguel_j_ferrer via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Fans are encouraged to “Share” what the cast and show accounts “Show” and anyone that does via a repost, RT and/or comment will be given the opportunity to receive a souvenir from #NCISLAShowNShare Week

to read more & see official details regarding sweepstakes HERE

05 Apr 2014

{Video} Eric Christian Olsen on The Queen Latifah Show [HD]

Check out the HD full video of Eric on The QLShow back in March. (be sure to choose the highest quality when you are watching it)

Special thanks goes for the HD version to the amazing @NCISLA_Source!


24 Mar 2014

NCIS: LA 5.18 ‘Zero Days’ Sneak Peeks

22 Mar 2014

Télé DH Magazine 2014/January Interview with Daniela Ruah & Eric Christian Olsen

DaniECOfrenchint1 (1) DaniECOfrenchint1 (2) DaniECOfrenchint1 (3)

SPECIAL THANKS TO sunshine—and—gunpowder from tumblr FOR THE TRANSLATION! xoxo

At 30, Daniela Ruah has been playing Kensi Blye for five years already. This job in NCIS: Los Angeles represents the first big American role for the actress who grew up in Portugal. It’s also on the set of the Show that the beauty with eyes of a different color found love. She’s engaged to David Paul Olsen, the brother (and stunt double) of Eric Christian Olsen.

You’ve been playing Kensi Blye for a while. How has the character evolved?

‘I think that Kensi and I evolved together. When I accepted the role I was 25 years old, just like my character. I wanted to have fun, to enjoy life, to give everything I had into work. And then little by little, I realised that I wanted to settle down. To build something stable, maybe have children. Just like Kensi. I think her evolution is marked by maturity. She’s no longer the girl that settles for a one night stand. She wants more.’

It’s been five years since you started playing this character…

‘And I’m not jaded at all! I need a challenge in my life. And playing the same role for years can become boring. But the writers and producers and the entire crew ensure that we do not run in circles. They foresee an evolution in our characters, so that we don’t have to play the exact same person every day. And then, there are the explosions, and stunts that they allow us to do…’

Your eyes shine at that!

I love playing fight scenes. I do as many stunt as possible. Everything that they let me do, actually. For insurance reasons, they forbid me to do anything that could break my neck. I would do it gladly (laughs). I want to do as much as possible myself. I’m proud of it. They allow us to take part in explosions scenes even less. As they aren’t reworked in studio, I might add. Sometimes Eric and I are standing a few meters from the explosion site, praying for everything to go accordingly. Especially for his brother that is his stunt double. I tell him ‘I am not calling your mother, you take care of it!’.’

You are a woman in a cast of men. Does that change anything?

‘It’s very fun. They took me under their wings when I arrived, they gave me many advices. I’m their little sister. They love me, laugh with me, tease me. And I do the same with them. I think we really succeeded to create a familial environment. Thankfully! We shoot together 9 months out of 12!’



Eric Christian Olsen aka Marty Deeks, hides behind his surfer looks, cupid like talents. On the screen, under the Californian sun, he teams up with Kensi Blye, played by Daniela Ruah. From this complicity is born an union…between Daniela and Eric’s brother! Casual, gentleman, this smiling young father, globetrotter in his youth, didn’t hide anything from us when we met him in Monaco…

You are not Californian (he’s from Oregon). Has the dream of becoming an actor always been in you?

‘Actually, when I got to Los Angeles it was really to study! I was taking an acting class at the same time. I didn’t think that I would act full time. I didn’t tell myself one day “Ah ah! That’s what I’m gonna do with my life!” It takes off, it becomes a career and for me it’s unreal to be paid daily to do that!’

Did you struggle a lot?

‘That’s the beauty of this story. I was in college full time when I went to auditions. And I would tell myself each time: If I accept this project, I’ll miss classes. Which changed everything because I would do things only when I’d want to get away from college. At the time I was doing a lot of small jobs like technician in a pet store, or I was taking care of animals in a laboratory, DJ on the radio, I was working at a small independant movie theater, I did a little modeling, at the same time…And I’ve traveled a lot too.’

Why did you choose a TV Show?

‘For the same reason that I decided to move to Los Angeles. I was too often far from home. I have a wife, and a child now. It’s so difficult to be in a relationship when you’re on the move all the time. We get lost sometimes because of the complexity of life. Being at home, not far from work, is really nice.’

In this 4th season of NCIS: Los Angeles, how do you see Marty’s futur? In a real relationship?

‘He is in a relationship but not really a traditional one (he smiles). He’s gonna get to a point where he’ll be more and more frank and honest with people surrounding him. A catastophic event is gonna happen and he will have to heal. How? What’s beautiful on TV, compared to movies, it’s that we have the time to tease, to put things into place. Everything is progressive. To get to these moments, that happen in real life, full of clarity. Where everything works out at the same time. Here we have two characters (Marty and Kensi) who are visibly, made for each other.’

After 5 seasons, in the US, this spinoff of NCIS didn’t lose anything from its success. Do you know the secret?

‘I think it’s the ensemble cast. There are 7 big characters and everyone has his place. We don’t know much about each of them. Look at my character, Marty…What do we know? That his father is dead, that Marty killed him because he was attacking his mother. There are so many layers to explore, gradually during a hundred episodes. There will always be mysteries around these characters.’

19 Mar 2014

NCIS: LA 5.18 ‘Zero Days’ promo

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